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My primary aim here is to make available a few of my unpublished writings - plus those that are out of print. The site will grow organically and to some extent, I hope, polemically.

There seem to be hundreds, if not thousands, of people called Jeremy Fox. Once, on arriving at a conference in Lima where I was to deliver a lecture, I was accused of being an imposter because 'Jeremy Fox' had been in town six months previously and he sure as hell wasn't me. I still cherish a front page cutting from a local newspaper in Aguascalientes, Mexico in which I am described as "El Doctor Fox de la Universidad de Oxford, Inglaterra, Estados Unidos"1. In this case I wasn't mistaken for someone else - just mixed on the reporter's palette into what he considered an attractive array of colours.

So - establishing one's identity can have as many difficulties in the virtual world as in any of the others we inhabit.

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Note: all the literary works on this site are  Copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without my permission in writing. You may download one copy for personal use on condition that you don't offer any of the material for resale or attempt to modify it.

1 "Dr Fox of the University of Oxford, England, United States". Return

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